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Yalley Group for Every Industry & Market

Are you confused with how to execute your business ideas? well it is obvious thing, Yalley Group can help you with a diversified range of innovative execution process because we’re more than a business consultant.

At Yalley Group we understand that how much seriously you take your business, that is why we’re completely dedicated to deliver the best for the sake of your business. You can hire our services for multifarious aspects that are as follow –

  • Global company registration
  • Accounting, tax, and legal services
  • Global corporate banking solution
  • Complete financial services
  • Advisory, investment, and business consultant
  • Industries & feasibility studies
  • B2b & Digital Marketing Services

We Welcome you to avail the bucket of emphatic opportunities and to create as well as expose your business via multi - functioned techniques and you too should think about the potential of 21st technical strategies for business enhancement.

We’re multicultural business company that can introduce your business in every corner of Africa if you want to step-in the market of African business. Also if you’re an African Business person than let us do the job of business exposure for you in European countries.

Take Initiative with Yalley Group

As one of the most developed West African countries, Ivory Coast is very open towards foreign Investment. Ivory Coast has a more developed infrastructure compared to other countries in the region; it is also the world’s leading cocoa exporter.

Beneficial Fact: The Ivorian government actively encourages foreign investment through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, take over’s, or start-up.

Legal Entities- Ivorian Government

Ivorian Government provides all four state entities needed for registering a business in Africa.

  • General Taxes for registration of deeds and attribution of a tax payer account.
  • Court office for the trade and Personal Property Credit Register.
  • Delivering of the Import-Export code by the ministry of commerce.
  • Register the Company with CNPS (National Social Security Department)

Regulations are improved in many aspects by reducing the capital requirement registration fee as were lowering credit information system has been put in place.

We’ll assist our Clients with Incorporating the optimal corporate structure in Ivory Coast, is many ways of doing business in Ivory Coast, according to the auditor, we will do all the audit from setup and audited financial statements every Year and submitted, As the accounts need to be maintained.


Our aim is to Strengthen European Industries Competitiveness by helping EU producers to Highlight their assets to become even more attractive in all their markets, follow by setup Your Company in Any Africa country include b2b networking events in and inside Africa, by helping build smiles in every industry & market.


Starting a business in Ivory Coast is now easy and very flexible process with the creation of ONE shop since January 2013.

Yalley Group work in corporation to facilitate any Investor to register the company, we have tailor made.

  • Start-Up Process,
  • Technology solutions (website Design, Digital Marketing,)
  • Tech Support,
  • Data entry,
  • administrative and call center services
  • Marketing research and promotions of the company.

Succursale (Branch)

The scope of Operations for the branch is defined by the parent company, the branch office must have a registered office in Ivory Coast as well as resident agent appointed by the company to receive summons, notices etc. On behalf of the company.

Representative office (Bureau de Liaison)

Foreign companies are also allowed to setup establishments in the form of representative offices in Ivory Coast. This entity is not allowed to engage in any commercial or profit making activities. A representative office is only permitted to conduct market research and promote activities of its company.